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In advance of an election , ARTA will contact every political party with a list of questions about issues that are important to seniors and public education . Responses that we receive will be posted ( unedited ) on arta . net under the Advocacy section . ARTA also encourages you to contact candidates running in your riding to address similar issues .
In the article “ The Discussion : Finances , Death , and Family ” ( winter 2022 issue , page 36 ), Ray Hoger indicated that the CRA expects personal tax returns for the deceased within six months of death . Actually , return deadlines are determined by when death occurred . The CRA provides the following chart :
Period when death occurred
January 1 to December 15 of the year
December 16 to December 31 of the year
Due date for the final return June 15 of the following year
6 months after the date of death
news & views offers our sincere apologies for this error .
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