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2023 Scholarship Recipients

Ron Thompson | Chair , Governance Committee , ARTA
The ARTA Governance Committee administers the ARTA scholarship program and evaluates applications for the degree and the certificate / diploma program scholarships . Six winners are selected in each category . This year we received fifty-seven applications ; the award recipients are listed below .
Thanks go to Orbit Insurance Services ( formerly TW Insurance Brokers ) and ARTA who sponsor the degree scholarships . Degree applicants must have completed one , two , or three years of an undergraduate or transfer program . The certificate and diploma awards , sponsored by ARTA , are for students who have completed one or more full years of a certificate or diploma program .
This year , ARTA has created two new scholarships . The first is the ARTA 101 Continuing Education Scholarship for a practicing teacher who is an active member of the ATA and who is currently enrolled in a continuing education program of one full year of studies . The second ARTA 101
Scholarship is for a student who is an immediate relative of an ARTA 101 member who is registered in at least their second year of post-secondary education in an accredited post-secondary institution .
On behalf of the Governance Committee , I would like to thank all applicants and congratulate those who have been selected for an award .
The following are responses from the scholarship recipients , addressing these Proust-style questions : Who is your greatest role model ? What is your greatest achievement ? What impact have teachers had in your life ? If you were any animal , what animal would you be ?

ARTA – TW Insurance Degree Scholarships

$ 5,000 Simon Williams
Teachers have been an enormous inspiration for me . My first piano teacher , Elaine Dunbar , encouraged me to pursue music and was always supportive of my development . I ’ m always sure to dedicate my compositions and performances to her ; I wouldn ’ t be where I am without those lessons .
$ 5,000 Victoria Wright
My greatest role model is my mom . I watched her dedication and hard work as she pursued her PhD , opened two new schools in Edmonton , taught university-level courses , and pursued volunteer and service initiatives while raising a family . These lessons inspired me to pursue service work .
$ 3,000 Quinn Levinson
My most significant achievements have been through Scouts Canada . I have participated in hundreds of hours of community service , skill-building , and outdoor activities , leading to the highest achievable award , the Queen ’ s Venturer Award . Attaining this award inspired me to grow my skills by doing more community service and outdoor activities .
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