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The Power of Song

Karen Atkinson
Music has such incredible power . It can evoke memories and emotions . The strength of its touch is immeasurable . I am sure that everyone has heard a song that transports them to another time or brings tears to the eyes . Having music in my life has kept me going through some rough times and reminded me that even the darkest depths can be reached by the light of music .
I grew up listening to my dad ’ s classical records . He often whistled along with them . He was amazing ! I remember my first little transistor radio . I would hide it under my covers when I went to bed at night , listening to the latest pop music — the Beatles !
I have been involved with making music for most of my life . I was part of vocal and instrumental groups through school and joined a community choir when I was teaching . I now belong to an organization that offers a variety of programs for band and choral performers . The experience with that music is very special and the group atmosphere is a big plus .
So , follow the lead of the Carpenters : Sing , sing a song Sing out loud , sing out strong Sing of good things not bad Sing of happy not sad Sing , sing a song Make it simple to last your whole life long Don ’ t worry that it ’ s not good enough For anyone else to hear Just sing , sing a song
“ Sing ,” Joe Raposo , 1971 .
Karen Atkinson retired in 2016 and kept right on singing , as well as writing poetry , taking photographs , and participating actively in ARTA .
Even without the opportunity to meet and sing with the chorus over the past year , music has remained with me always . All it takes is a few bars of a favourite song to get me humming along . So , try this : Think of the song you first danced to at your wedding . Think of the song played at the memorial for your father . Think of a song that makes you laugh . Think of a song that you want to play loudly as you clean house . Think of the perfect song for driving on the highway . I would wager that you had no trouble with at least one or two of those . Music is with us always , if only in memory .
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