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impact your home ’ s curb appeal but also the health of the plants . It ’ s also important to consider how much maintenance your yard will need . Ask yourself if you will realistically have the time and resources to sustain your home ’ s landscape year over year , and if not , scale back as necessary .
3 . Don ’ t Plant Trees and Shrubs Too Close to Your Home Think about what your trees and shrubs will look like ten or twenty years from now . As they continue to grow , trees and shrubs that are planted too close to your home can cause significant damage if left unchecked . Overhanging limbs can damage your home ’ s roof , while spreading roots can disrupt your home ’ s foundation . Research what the trees and shrubs you ’ ve selected will look like as they reach maturity . Plant them far enough away from your home to allow enough space for them to safely grow .
If you find you want to plant new bushes or trees or transplant existing ones , spring is the perfect time to do so as the soil is moist , the weather is cooler , and plants are growing at their fastest rate . Flowering bushes , fruit bushes , and trees may take a year to produce flowers and fruit after they ’ re transplanted , but if done correctly , they can still flourish for many years to come .
4 . Consider Your Yard ’ s
Drainage Poor drainage can cause stagnant water to pool around your home . This can quickly lead to basement flooding and damage to your home ’ s foundation — both of which can result in hefty repair costs . When making your landscaping plans , you must account for water drainage and consider how you are going to divert it away from your home . If your yard slopes down toward your home , you will need to regrade it to lead water away and prevent it from pooling next to the foundation . Depending on the complexity of your landscaping design and the size of your yard , you may need to consider installing an in-ground drainage or weeping tile system as a long-term solution for potential drainage issues . Contact a trusted industry professional to discuss the drainage options that are best suited for your home and landscaping plans .
Despite your best prevention efforts , sometimes accidents can happen when landscaping your yard , and it can be expensive to repair damage to your home without sufficient insurance coverage . Contact your insurance broker today to discuss your home insurance coverage options .
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