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3 . Use all security settings available , such as multifactor authentication
Make sure you ’ re using all the security features available so your devices are as secure as possible . One great feature to enable is multi-factor identification , which uses another method of identification in addition to your password to increase your security . This could include facial recognition , fingerprint sensors , or a code sent to your email or phone .
4 . Create a secondary guest network for guests and smart devices
The best way to keep your primary network safe is to create a guest network for your smart devices and any guests . That way if a hacker does manage to get into your smart device , they can ’ t access the primary network that your more sensitive devices like your phone or computer are connected to . Although this is an effective way to increase your security , only seventeen per cent of Canadians use a guest network with a separate password for this purpose .
5 . Disable features like location and cameras when not in use
Once hackers have accessed your smart device , they can access information like your geolocation or control your camera or microphone to gather additional data . If you
Secure your smart devices so that a hacker can ’ t use them to access your personal information . Learn more about how you can maximize your home network security .
disable these features when you ’ re not using them , it ’ s harder for someone to access your data .
Despite your best efforts to secure your networks , you could still fall victim to identity theft if a hacker gets a hold of sensitive information . As a last layer of protection , consider adding identity theft protection to your home insurance policy so that if your identity is stolen , you ’ ll be financially protected . The expenses that are covered through an identity theft policy can vary from carrier to carrier , so talk to your insurance broker to see what type of identity theft coverage is available with your policy .
Statistics and information used in this article have been gathered from several sources including the Government of Canada and two American sites called Security Boulevard and Government Technology .

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