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Bridgitte McMullen , RPN / LPN | Nurse Care Specialist , Humanacare

Aging Well

Being active is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves as we age . It is one of the biggest components of maintaining independence and improving our health outcomes .
There are many ways to encourage being active , and finding something we love to do makes it even more achievable and enjoyable . When you are passionate about what you are doing , it ’ s easier to accomplish and make part of your regular habits .
Reflect on past interests . Remember back to what you enjoyed in your youth and early adulthood . Did you like to go hiking or play tennis ? Knowing what you used to love makes it easier to choose activities that would interest you now .
Find activities that are fun . It goes without saying that if you enjoy it , you will do it more regularly . If you like socializing , try activities that encourage group participation , like a group fitness or dance class . Look in your local area and see what fitness centres and dance studios have to offer . There are often classes catering to older adults .
If pickleball doesn ’ t interest you , try yoga or aqua aerobics .
Set manageable goals and celebrate accomplishments . By accomplishing small goals , you will start to cultivate feelings of self-confidence , a sense of purpose , and pride . And don ’ t forget to cheer for yourself and your peers ; laughter and camaraderie are some of the best medicines in life .
There are so many ways to get involved and to enjoy life in retirement — from travelling to more quality time spent with friends and family , or maybe just enjoying the serenity of your own space and yard . Whichever way you decide to spend your golden years , don ’ t be afraid to get out there and try new things , and old things . Try that new technology you have heard about . Or the paint class you have always wanted to take . Whatever you do , be fearless and “ Just do it .”
Perhaps try out a new activity , such as pickleball — a combination of badminton , tennis , and table tennis . Two to four people can play . The popularity of the sport has been attributed to the ease of understanding . It has a low start-up cost and is appealing to various ages and fitness levels .
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