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From the CEO

Daniel Mulloy | Chief Executive Officer , ARTA

The Impact of Five Stars

“ Don ’ t use social media to impress people ; use it to impact people .”

— Dave Willis , author , and speaker
The other day , ARTA received a “ five-star Google review ” regarding the service that our staff provided to a member of the association . The impact of that review did more for our association ’ s morale than you can imagine .
When people go out of their way to leave a positive review , it genuinely impacts the way staff and leadership feel about themselves and the job they are doing . A palpable energy vibrates through the building when someone posts that they have had a wonderful experience .
Social media has an enormous impact on the world , both in good ways and in bad . As an association , it allows us to hear instantaneous feedback . But over the years , we have found that while people who feel frustrated often rush to the internet to voice their dissatisfaction , it ’ s far less common for happy , satisfied people to take time to leave positive feedback . Both are equally important for the healthy growth of an organization like ARTA .
We always love to hear from our members , no matter what . While we strive to do the best we can , we know there are times when we miss the mark . Feedback is important . It shows us where we made mistakes . Sometimes though , negative feedback can do more harm than good . People can leave faceless , meanspirited comments , not realizing the toll it takes on the staff who are
doing their very best to meet our members ’ needs . Sometimes , people lash out due to an easily fixed misunderstanding , but when tempers cool , the negative review remains , causing worry for other members who read it .
The exact opposite happens when a complimentary review is given . Moods rise , people feel pride in the work they ’ re doing , and it creates a drive among staff to keep levels of member satisfaction high .
To those of you who leave us five-star Google reviews or send emails of appreciation … thank you . Thank you for the impact you have had on our organization and in improving and maintaining positive morale .
To those who have reached out to voice your concerns or displeasure , we are sorry we didn ' t meet your expectations . We do appreciate your comments and are always doing our best to improve . I ask only for your patient cooperation while we work to set things right . We are always just one click or phone call away ,
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